Montreal was smaller than the flagship of the Lake Champlain squadron and smaller than HMS Princess Charlotte which had been given to a junior officer. Fisher made a complaint to the Admiralty over the command situation, which would later be one of the reason’s for Yeo’s recall in November. The squadron sailed again from Kingston on 3 June, transporting troops and supplies to the Burlington Heights area. While off Forty Mile Creek, alterations were made to the cabin layout and the painting was finished, as the job had been left incomplete when Wolfe had sailed for Sackett’s Harbor. The squadron returned to Kingston on 17 June via the south shore of Lake Ontario, capturing three merchant schooners, two sloops and raiding along the Genesee River and American Eighteen Mile Creek. On 18 June, the squadron sailed again from Kingston, trading shots with Fort Oswego on 19 June and raiding Sodus, New York.

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Akagi was armed with ten 50-caliber 20 cm 3rd Year Type No. 1 guns, six in casemates aft and the rest in two twin gun turrets, one on each side of the middle flight deck. They fired 110-kilogram projectiles at a rate of 3–6 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 870 m/s (2,900 ft/s); at 25°, this provided a maximum range between 22,600 and 24,000 meters . The turrets were nominally capable of 70° elevation to provide additional anti-aircraft fire, but in practice the maximum elevation was only 55°.

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On 26 April, as more and more curious and friendly natives appeared, Cabral ordered his men to build an altar inland where a Christian Mass was held—the first celebrated on the soil of what would later become Brazil. The fleet under the command of the 32–33-year-old Cabral departed from Lisbon on 9 March 1500 at noon. The previous day it had been given a public send-off which included a Mass and celebrations attended by the King, his court and a huge crowd. On the morning of 14 March, the flotilla passed Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands.

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The ship’s anti-aircraft guns were grouped amidships and placed relatively low on the hull. Thus, the guns could not be brought to bear directly forward or aft. Also, the island blocked the forward arcs of the port battery. As a result, the ship was vulnerable to attack by dive bombers.

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Akagi’s main flight deck was 190.2 meters long and 30.5 meters wide, her middle flight deck was only 15 meters long and her lower flight deck was 55.02 meters long. She served in the British naval squadron in several engagements on Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. Upon her launch, Wolfe was made the flagship of the squadron until larger vessels became available. Along with the naval engagements on Lake Ontario, Wolfe supported land operations in the Niagara region and at the Battle of Fort Oswego . Following the war, the vessel was laid up in reserve and eventually sold in 1832.