Sometimes he’s inclined to string a woman along if he has an ulterior motive. A Gemini man’s weakness in love is that he doesn’t like to let anyone down and can be a people pleaser. This may feel good when he’s telling you what he thinks you want to hear. What qualities does a Gemini man look for in a woman? He is drawn to women who are intelligent, funny, interesting and great conversationalists. He is also attracted to women who are assertive and more decisive than he is.

How to Talk to a Gemini Man

This could give them the motivation needed to chase you in the relationship. Make sure not to come across as condescending, however. If you think you’re too good for him, he’ll definitely pick up on it and lose interest.

How Do Gemini Men Play Hard to Get?

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, memory, and intellect. Gemini is one of the zodiac signs that are prone to anxiety. This could be explained by his sign’s guiding planet.

It is a good idea for you two to try to speak on equal terms and make some fair trade-offs. Some signs can tolerate this more than others, but Gemini despises it. If you come off as controlling in the slightest, prepare to get ghosted again. It’s unlikely to get a Gemini back after a breakup is done, but it can be done. Gemini men can be flighty and fearful of deep connections but play to his social side and give him space to eventually get him back. When the fun is over, either because Gemini feels repressed or they’ve found someone better, they are gone quickly, like the wind.

A Gemini man may start off on the right track but lose motivation and become distracted by other interests. His ideal date is someone who can keep him motivated and encourage him to follow through on his plans. He’s attracted to women who are intelligent, playful and interesting. Geminis have a curious spirit and an innovative attitude. They enjoy being in the spotlight and love experiencing new things in life.

A Gemini couple can be a good match for each other because they both share the same restless energy and need for constant mental stimulation. Sagittarius is a great match for Gemini because they share many of the same qualities. This makes it easy for them to have a good time together. Libras will always be there when you need them because they value loyalty above all else in relationships. This cardinal sign could be a Gemini’s first love and a perfect Gemini soulmate.

Gemini men are not fond of the bedroom – that is not to say they don’t enjoy making love…you just have to be adventurous as hell! They are up for it almost anywhere that’s not the traditional norm. Prepare for him to suggest a bathroom at a house party, in the car, outdoors, at the office when everyone has cleared out – danger just thrills him. So with all this extra cash they are making, will they be spending it on you? As much as they love making money, they love keeping it too.

You’ll need to be aware of his proclivity for talking because he’s a smart man who enjoys conversing with people who can keep up with him. He’ll get bored and go away if you can’t match his energy or show even the slightest interest. He’ll become bored if a woman isn’t a good conversationalist. You’ve got to have unusual and exciting facts to share with him if you want to keep his attention. Flirty conversation is part of a Gemini man’s nature.

In particular, these two are likely to meet at work. Aside from the office or workplace, there aren’t many places a Gemini man and Capricorn woman would have in common. A Capricorn woman is practical and obsessed with work. She will likely see him as immature because of his childlike nature. He will see her as boring because she’s cautious and stuck in routines.

By simply listening and not trying to fix things, Gemini can help pave the way to a lifelong love. Eventually you’ll want to bridge the gap and by the time you do; he’ll also possibly be ready to take things to the next level. For him it’s the perfect way to get to know each other without being too close. Once you’re comfortable; he’ll put the moves on you. While he is a flirt in general; when he becomes committed to one woman; he’ll still remain flirty to her.