The news that a Frasier reboot was in the pipeline was somewhat bittersweet for fans when no mention was made of the classic sitcom’s supporting cast making a comeback. The offer was transferred back to Gilpin, who recalled to Vanity Fair how Kudrow called to congratulate her friend soon after losing the Frasier role to her. Yet, I would say we can all agree that it worked out for the best as it is hard to imagine anyone else playing Phoebe Buffay on Friends, and to Emmy-winning fame, mind you. As a supplement to “Frasier’s Edge” and an answer to the plaguing problem of Niles and Daphne, this is a smart episode.

If the rest of the season is any indication, the writing staff had grown tired of the main characters, hence they ship in a bunch of new recurring ones for the rest of the season. Episode Synopsis Daphne finishes at her weight loss spa, and an ecstatic Niles is going to pick her up, excited also about going way this weekend with Daphne as they are going to consummate their relationship. On the way back to her “Welcome Home” party at Frasier’s apartment, Niles offers his professional opinion of why she couldn’t stop eating – it was a subsistute for sex.

“Literally, I had my second baby the day after we shot an episode,” Leeves revealed in a 2011 interview. Despite earning massive fame on “Frasier,” she said she’s not sure being famous has much of impact on her children. “I’ve kept them out of the public eye. … We live in Malibu at the beach, and they spend most of their days at the beach playing. So I don’t think it has affected them.” During her time on “Frasier,” Jane Leeves met and married the TV executive, Marshall Coben.

Frasier Has Been On TV For A long Time

It ran for 11 seasons and brought in 24.2 million viewers in its first season alone. Kelsey Grammer was already well-known before the show, but it made stars out of the other three leads, including David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, and Jane Leeves, who played Frasier’s neurotic brother, his radio producer, and his brother’s girlfriend, respectively. However, after the show ended, some of these actors fell off the radar a bit, and if you haven’t been paying attention, you may have lost track of Leeves, who played the enigmatic Daphne Moon for all 11 seasons. The end of Frasier hasn’t stopped Leeves from working consistently in Hollywood, and from her animated film and voice work to the next generation of television comedies, here’s what she’s been up to over the years. Frasier and Niles go to a furniture store to pick out a couch for Frasier’s new office. Niles cannot stop rambling; Frasier believes he is suffering from anxiety because of his impending fatherhood.

They ignore an attendant’s warning and barge through the door, but aren’t too happy with the result. Meanwhile, Daphne ruins Martin’s enjoyment of The Rockford Files when she says that he reminds her of Rockford’s father, rather than the title character. Frasier and Niles look for a wealthy person to donate money to their closing prep school. Martin starts to date a very wealthy woman and the Crane brothers want to ask her for a donation.

Frasier reluctantly invites Lilith and their son to Thanksgiving dinner. When Niles lands a job as art critic of a magazine, Frasier’s jealousy leads him to cozy up to the station owner’s annoying daughter in the hopes of getting a new show focusing on the arts. Frasier falls for a woman who looks exactly like his late mother. Niles and Frasier compete with each other upon discovering the results of a childhood IQ test. Their all-night study sessions ruin their luncheon with three geniuses.

Set at Cafe Nervosa, the series’ coffee shop hangout, the plot is essentially an evaluation of whether or not the series’ existence as a spinoff is a net positive. Specifically, within the show, Niles hits Frasier with the question of, “Are you happy? Despite the inspiration, “My Coffee with Niles” isn’t exactly a two-hander, as Roz, Martin and Daphne all pop into Cafe Nervosa for their own bits during this, interrupting Frasier’s ability to answer Niles’ question. The episode also takes place in real-time, one of the only two episodes of the series to do so (the other being “Dinner Party”). “Moon Dance” is definitely in the pantheon of Niles and Daphne “will-they-won’t-they” episodes. Of course a “Frasier” Halloween episode — and a Crane Halloween party — would be themed in terms of favorite literary characters.

Season 8

Niles’ drug-induced comment about the possibility of hospitals having “memories” about their patients prompts everyone to think back on past experiences in that hospital, from Niles’ birth to a time that Roz mistook lipstick on Alice’s cheek for a rash. Daphne grows more and more tense as they await word on the surgery. When Martin and Frasier repeatedly bicker about a candy bar stuck in the vending machine, Daphne smashes the machine with a fire extinguisher. She breaks down crying, and everyone does their best to console her. Niles’ surgery goes even better than expected, and he begins his recovery. A relieved Daphne is finally able to bring herself to think about their future.

Frasier, Niles and Daphne attend a party, where Frasier discovers that everyone in attendance thinks that he and Alistair are a couple. Frasier is finally forced to come clean with Alistair about his sexuality after learning that Alistair expects to take their relationship to the next level very soon. Over the years, notable Character Development occurred for all five main characters. However, the most notable story arc was the drawn-out, heartfelt Will They or Won’t They? Between a blissfully Oblivious to Love Daphne and a shyly adoring Niles who carried a silent torch for her for seven years.

Starring Meryl Streep, it tells the story of Roberta Guaspari , who was a crusader for music education within New York City’s impoverished public schools and pioneered music as a source of inspiration and stability for low-income, at-risk youth. Directed by Wes Craven, the film was nominated for a small handful of Academy Awards , and was well-received by critics. Leeves portrayed Dorothea von Haeften, a wealthy socialite who aids Guaspari in funding the Opus 118 Harlem School of Music, a real program that ran in New York.

As Niles and Frasier try to catch Eddie, he flees out the door and into Seattle. The Cranes and Daphne set off on a road trip in a Winnebago to Mount Rushmore. Trouble ensues when Martin takes them into Canada, where Daphne, due to legal particulars, isn’t allowed. Bulldog panics and quits the station after he overhears Frasier discussing a rumor that Bulldog will be fired.

Frasier goes to see Donny and tells him that he too was left at the altar ; but when Donny finds out Frasier’s involvement in getting Niles and Daphne together, he adds Frasier to the lawsuit. Frasier does not see Daphne again until everyone arrives at the hotel for her wedding. He offers his sympathy about Niles, but she claims that she was just suffering pre-wedding jitters. Martin warns him not to interfere unless he is absolutely sure that it is the right thing. Frasier observes Niles and Daphne sharing a dance after the rehearsal dinner, and realizes that they are obviously in love. He takes Niles upstairs to talk, and tells him about Daphne’s feelings.

Frasier unwittingly torpedoes Roz’s potential show after an offhand remark to his carnivorous agent Bebe sets her in motion. The Cranes pack up and visit Lilith and Frederick for Thanksgiving. Lilith and Frasier meet with the dean of a prestigious school, hoping to enroll Frederick.

Frasier consoles her by telling her that the disastrous party means she is officially part of the family. As a birthday present, Niles surprises Daphne with a trip to Hawaii for two. However, Mrs. Moon falls into a state of total despair about her failed marriage, and Daphne feels bad about leaving her alone for the weekend. Niles hatches a plan to reunite Daphne’s parents and get Mrs. Moon out of the apartment. He convinces a reluctant Daphne to take her mother on the trip, and secretly heads to England to track down Daphne’s father.