In this video, he shows the fans a small clip of him editing for the episode iStill Psycho Sam slapped Freddie in the back of the head to get his tracking microchip to stop working. When she runs to search something in her bag, she grabs Freddie’s arm. It is unknown if Sam and Freddie are a couple in this episode, but this shows he has written some character development but has still kept them the same bickering Sam and Freddie. She may have touched his arm and back showing a gentler side. It is noted that Sam wears pink and white stripes while Freddie wears blue plaid making the Seddie color, purple and the Seddie pattern, stripes.

When Freddie and Sam are fighting, Kyoko and Yuki gave each other a knowing look, showing they think Sam and Freddie are cute together. After the person at the deck say “Enjoy your honeymoon.” to Carly and Freddie, you can see Sam frowning behind Carly as they walk to the rooms. After Freddie walks away with Mrs. Benson and smiles back at them, Carly turns to look at Sam who clasps her hands together and looks down trying to smile less, as if she was a little embarrassed. When Freddie shows Carly and Sam that he’s not wearing a belt and that he has on open toed shoes. Sam says to him, “Wow, you’re an animal” and Freddie nods and grins.

When the siren lights on fire, Sam and Freddie jump towards the same spot and stand together. When Sam is reading what Tom Higginson wrote on Spencer’s back, Freddie moves closer to her. While Sam is trying to shove Gibby’s foot in his mouth, Freddie says, “She’s not like other girls,” implying that she’s special to Freddie. Sam tells Freddie she’d like to back up his personal data with a truck.

Spencer Shay

Sam and Freddie squish into a sort of Seddie sandwich hug along with Spencer. They stand next to each other and help measure and stretch Victoria. Freddie doesn’t flirt with Victoria, even though on the iCarly Twitter Sam said that Freddie likes Victoria and her songs. Some subtle moments were when Sam would touch Freddie’s back, lean into him when stretching Victoria, and Freddie would graze Sam’s hand or touch her shoulder.

Freddie only acts happy for Sam and Jonah, even though he hates the idea of them together. Freddie is the first one to dislike the idea of Jonah becoming Sam’s boyfriend. Sam’s reply to this was, “Dude, I’d rather…not misstravel do that at this time, but I appreciate your kind offer,” which implies that she might want to kiss him later. Sam looks at both Carly and Freddie when she says “I was wrong to do that to a friend.”

When Carly tries to get Freddie to help her get Brad and Sam together, Freddie rolls his eyes, implying he really doesn’t want to. Sam made guacamole for herself, Freddie and Brad, and even proved to Freddie it was really okay to eat. When arguing with Sam, Freddie says “You’ve been nice and helpful and considerate all day!” in an annoyed tone. Sam doesn’t hurt or tease Freddie at all during the episode. When Freddie talks about love, he has Sam’s full attention.

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Sam wears a dress, further evidence of her being comfortable with her girly side around Freddie. Freddie took Sam to Pini’s on their date because they both love Italian food. Both Sam and Freddie dress formally for a date, neither would do this unless it meant a lot to them.

Freddie loses a bet to Sam, so he has to get a tattoo of her face on his arm. When Freddie asks for clarification, Sam claims she’s only exaggerating to make a point. Freddie looks as if he’s about to protest, but is interrupted by her and Cat arguing.

Freddie Benson

Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey, who play Carly Corinthos and Peter August on General Hospital, don’t get much screen time together. The tale of how they met and became a relationship is simply incredible. It all began when Laura’s character went to work for Wes’ boss, Eric Jensen (who plays Carly’s father, John), at his restaurant called “The Beach” in Santa Teresa, California. Maeve is Harper’s cousin who disappeared four years prior to the beginning of the revival series and had been presumed kidnapped.

Freddie knows the number of members of Sam’s family that are on parole. Freddie never thought about kissing Carly but thought about kissing Sam. Sam and Freddie both laugh when Carly says that her first kiss was with “Ben Huebscher”. When Sam and Carly are playing with baby Stephanie, Freddie walks behind them and looks at Sam. Sam seems to be really excited to see Freddie’s face when he has his first taste of Galini’s pie.

Freddie puts two of his fingers in his mouth then sticks them in Dave and Fleck’s ears, exactly the same thing Sam did to him in iCook. When Carly and Sam are fighting over Freddie and he begins to cry, Sam says “See what you did!” to Carly, hinting that she cares about how he feels. This is a major suggestion that Freddie has finally gotten over Carly if she possibly pulled the dating card on him, and he didn’t choose to be on her side.

In the last scene, Freddie’s Penny-T says “FRIES MATTER”, once more a possible Penny-T-reference to Sam’s love of food. Sam and Freddie are always standing close together , but when Freddie stands close to Carly she tells him to step away. Sam says that Mrs. Benson does not let anyone have fun when she doesn’t let Freddie go to the MMA fight implying that she wants Freddie to go with her. When Kyoko and Yuki are fighting, before Sam asks Freddie for his camera, they are standing very close to each other.Sam and Freddie hug. When Sam pretends to be sick, she is wearing a blue hoodie and red pants, which combine to make purple. Freddie seems to enjoy watching ‘his girls’ beat up Nevel and said that he would “let Shelby kick in the face any day”, perhaps hinting that he prefers the tougher girls that could kick his butt.