The clinginess becomes most apparent in social situations. She goes beyond tossing your feelings and needs in the backseat. Her need for company blinds her to your normal desire for privacy or personal downtime.

The most common reason why you might be feeling needy in a relationship is that you need a man to validate your self-worth. As you might already suspect, neediness is oftenlinked to low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence, hurtful experiences from the past, and of course your childhood. Those are usually the root of your anxious thoughts and constant fear.

Class act that she was, she took it in stride, and we remained friends for years after dating. But, if he needs a text on the hour, every hour whilst you’re on vacation, it’s a sign he’s being unreasonably needy and he isn’t giving much thought to your feelings . If you’re uncertain about the child component, own up to it from the start and avoid investing your time and your heart in a relationship that will fail. While either of you could change your mind down the road, there’s no guarantee that you will. At the very least, be honest about any misgivings you have about your partner’s children as well as about your desire for children in the future.

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So, she needs to choose not just the right partner but a right role model for her child. Friendship between men and women is also desired. Being a friend to your partner means treating her in the patient, accepting manner in which you treat other close friends. Traits that women tend to value and need most from their romantic partners are integrity, sensitivity, and intimacy.

Often people who idealize others are prone to flipping later when something bursts that bubble. Instead of admitting fault, they’ll lie, make excuses, minimize a situation, or always blame other people or circumstances. Another manifestation of this pattern is when you’re trying to talk about a goal you’re working on, and the other person tells you about their bigger goal.

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Come Monday, though, you start to feel that something isn’t right. Attachment theory might be able to explain how your childhood caused you to be clingy in relationships. There’s a lot to this concept, so if you want to dive into it in detail, you can start by checking out the book,Attached.

This is incredibly immature and extremely unattractive, especially if she’s meant to be more mature. LifeHack is the only productivity platform that gives youeverythingyou need tomake time work for youwithout leaving you feeling inadequate to reach your goals. Couples therapy can be incredibly helpful in banishing toxic neediness from your relationship. Your counselor will help you work through communication issues and discuss any past experiences that may be causing the distrust in your relationship. This need for constant reassurance can be draining and damaging to your relationship. This is very unhealthy, toxic relationship behavior.

By seeking validation in the form of likes and comments you try to convince yourself and others that your relationship is fine. Nowadays, that behavior is one of the bigger signs of a needy girlfriend. Instead, they prefer to adopt their partner’s hobbies so they will not feel left out. Since most needy women are clingy, they prefer to copy their partner’s hobbies so that they will go everywhere with them.

Neither is healthy and will only breed discontent in your relationship. Once again, if you’re with a woman like this, it’s worth asking yourself what you’re actually getting out of being with her. A woman who feels the need to constantly find fault with people is either extremely arrogant or very insecure. Arrogant people will always believe they have the right to put others down while insecure people will do so to try to feel better about themselves. Notice how the vibe of the whole room gets worse when someone starts gossiping?


It’s how couples learn to work as a team, resolve arguments in a healthy manner, and get to know one another on a deeper level. Here are three tips for banishing unhealthy neediness from your relationship for good. Your spouse is always quick to jump to your defense or give you genuine compliments. But no matter how many times your spouse reassures you of their love for your, their attraction to your, or their loyalty to your relationship, you never believe them. When you are in a relationship, it’s only natural that you want to spend all of your time with your spouse. But there is such a thing as spending too much time together.