You never fight, you’re always in a supernaturally fantastic mood because you’re ~iN lOvE~, and everyone compliments how glowy you look. I’m not talking about standard cat-and-mouse, who-cares-less games that you may have played in the courting stage of your relationship . I mean actual fun games that help you get to know your partner even better.

The honeymoon phase begins in the first of five stages of a relationship.

Instead, you want a real relationship with him, who you think also has serious intentions with you. The nature and predictors of the trajectory of change in marital quality over the first 4 years of marriage for first-married husbands and wives. Another study found that when women who were madly in love thought about their partner, instead of a friend, they exhibited elevated levels of the stress-buffering hormone cortisol.


“Science shows this is the time where the feel-good chemicals, dopamine and oxytocin, are flowing in the brain,” says Wilkie. And a combination of powerful hormones appear to drive this lustful period. You may struggle to find the term “honeymoon phase” in scientific literature. So it makes sense that modern-day English has added the word “phase” onto the end to further emphasize how brief the period can be.

Victims of domestic violence, whether male or female, suffer short and long-term physical and mental health consequences. Common physical health effects include broken bones, bruising, lacerations, and cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems. Women may also experience gynecological problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic pain, sexually-transmitted disease, vaginal bleeding, pain with menstruation, and bladder infections. Domestic violence is one of the most common causes of injury among women; less is known about the impact on male victims. As you’ve probably experienced, these intense feelings of infatuation and early love fall away over time and transform into something else. In fact, every couple should look forward to the end of their honeymoon phase, because it’s only when the hormones subside that the real relationship can begin.

If it means treating each other like you’re in a new relationship, do that to ensure the lovey-dovey stage doesn’t end. Completely leaving the honeymoon stage is not the best thing for any relationship because you’ll get jaded by reality and other things will take precedence in your lives. His family and friends mean so much to him and when you first started dating him, you did all you could to stay on their good side so that they could support your relationship. The honeymoon gives a couple time to feel the feelings and to explore what they mean.

Reality TV knows that uncertain relationships are compelling.

This can be a difficult time if there is conflict over money, children, and housing arrangements. For some couples, it is a time of relief and thinking ahead to a new future. It’s very difficult to escape this stage, especially if you’re a busy couple with children and career demands. Now your mission is to maintain your close connection and protect it from the inevitable challenges couples face in their lives together.

Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. More recent research suggests that divorce rates rise after marriage and then peak at about five years. Rates of divorce then steadily decline as years together increase. This rising-falling pattern is reminiscent of the seven-year-itch argument but occurs slightly earlier (a five-year itch?) than the phrase suggests. The added bonus is that you both get to have time to miss one another and since memory tends to be kind, to reflect on the things you love about one another.

Physical violence can also be using objects or weapons to harm one another. Gary outlines a specific way of identifying which type is your primary love language. Mark was brought up in a conventional family where his father did not lift a finger in the house. His dad saw such tasks as women’s work and couldn’t imagine himself cleaning the floors or changing diapers.

If your relationship feels more stale than day-old movie-theater popcorn, don’t panic. Chances are, you’ve just reached the end of the honeymoon phase. The honeymoon phase in a relationship is that point when two people in love can’t seem to be separated from each other. They are so in love that they find a way out of any situation no matter how challenging it is. You are more committed than single people in a relationship and so, you have a lot more to lose if intimacy and sexual attractions wane dangerously. You picked the endearments for a reason and that’s to express how much you love each other.

“But be clear about your ‘textpectations’ early on, because that will lay the foundation for your communication later on in the relationship,” Hoffman explains. I bet that you are not feeling as intense love 100% of the time. There might be times when it’s not as intense, which is normal. This needs to be higher because a lot of people posting don’t understand the honeymoon phase.